Necklace Info

Created on Kauai, also known as the Garden or Rainbow Island, these necklaces are made from natural precious and semiprecious gemstones. The gems are carefully selected individually for quality, joined in harmonious color arrays, and stranded and knotted on very durable yet subtle nylon thread (which looks like silk). They are meant to be worn without worry: light enough that one can comfortably sleep, practice yoga or go for a run wearing them, yet strong and durable enough to be worn in the shower, pool, or Hawaii’s rough surf. No need to remove them for any normal activity. Many of our friends have told us that they haven’t taken them off since the day they first put them on.

Ordering necklaces: 
Please specify the type of necklace and the length you would like in ¼” increments when you place an order. 
To measure the length you want, take a piece of string, hold one end at the desired location of the center stone, then wrap the string around the back of your neck and back to the center stone location (this will actually be the top of the center stone drop). Measure the resulting length with a measuring tape, and specify to the nearest ¼ inch. Please note that the final necklace may range with an ⅛ of an inch in accuracy.

A popular length is around 16-16.5”, which typically sits around the collar bones and is a good length for active wearers , as the necklace will not touch chin when inverted, and is barely felt. However some women prefer longer lengths, accenting different parts of their chest.

Choose from two different clasp options.  The gem clasp which works great if you want to leave it on for longer periods of time or the 14k gold plated clasp that is easier to take on and off.